California State Assistance for Children’s Hearing Aids and Services

This chart guides a parent on what state program children ages birth through 20 may qualify for in the state of California based on family size and household income.

Hearing Aid Coverage for Children Program (HACCP)

The HACCP program run by California Department of Health Care Services is available to families up to the 600 FPL for children ages birth though 20 without insurance, whose insurance does not cover hearing aids, or for those with plans of a coverage limit of $1500 or less. Children can qualify regardless of immigration status.


CalPERS now covers hearing aids 100% for children up to age 26 every 36 months for state employees when medically necessary to prevent and treat speech and language development delay due to hearing loss.


Foundation Support for Hearing Aids 

The HearAid Foundation 

The California based organization helps children and adults who need financial assistance to obtain hearing aids.


The Fund provides hearing devices for children with hearing losses between the ages of newborn and twenty years whose parents are unable to meet this special need financially.

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation

This Foundation provides medical grants to children for a variety of services, including hearing aids.