The legislation requires insurers to cover the cost of hearing aids

In August, Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner, signed a bill into law that requires health insurers to cover the cost of replacing hearing aids for deaf or hard of hearing children every 36 months.

The new bill, which was introduced by state representative Laura Fine, was spurred by families with deaf or hard of hearing children who mobilized and asked the lawmaker to help provide financial protection for themselves and their children.

Currently, some health insurance policies cover hearing aids for kids, while others do not. The expense of a hearing aid is prohibitive for many families. The new law mandates that insures cover the costs of one hearing aid for each ear every three years for children 18 and under in Illinois.

While many adults can use the same hearing aid for years, children need a replacement more often to accommodate for their growth. This need means that costs for families build up over time.

The new law in Illinois also covers the cost of exams, fittings and repairs for of children’s hearing aids.